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Alison Leslie


trauma and the body 

somatic therapy



Trauma Informed Basic Training: Trauma and the Body Module


Trauma Informed Course- Somatic Therapy: the Mind & Body Connection


EMDR Advanced Course: EMDR & Somatic Therapy


Alison is a licensed clinical social worker who lives in Bloomington, IN and owns her own private practice, Empower Healing. Alison approaches therapy through the lens of presence and attunement and believes in being a guide to help clients find their own internal healing powers. She has a background in animal-assisted therapy and is an EMDR Approved Consultant, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and Transforming Touch modalities. Alison works with both children and adults who have experienced developmental and shock traumas, among other life challenges. In consultation, Alison believes in meeting the consultee where they are at and supporting the continued growth of EMDR skills with openness, compassion, and curiosity.

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Amy Staley


trauma informed care

vicarious trauma



Trauma Informed Basic Training: Trauma Informed Care Module

Trauma Informed Basic Training: Vicarious Trauma Module


Amy is a LCSW, who received her Masters in Social Work from Boston University. Amy has just under 19 years of experience in the social work field, primarily working with those impacted by trauma as well as the larger mental health system. Amy has provided direct practice, management, and directorship in a variety of clinical settings, including community mental health, behavioral health hospital, and schools. Amy utilizes a trauma informed approach not only in clinical care, but with a macro lens of the larger systems impacting the community. Amy brings a spicy energy with innovative ideas and approaches by thinking outside of traditional mental health structures, flows and processes.

Amy has training experience through her professional roles as well as an adjunct faculty at the University of Denver, Graduate School of Social Work for just under 7 years.

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Cassie Krajewski


Cycle of addiction



Trauma Informed Basic Training: Trauma & Addictions Module


Trauma Informed Course-  
Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating and Body Image


EMDR Advanced Course: 

EMDR for Addictions

EMDR for Disordered Eating and Body Image Issues


Cassie is a clinical social worker, addiction counselor, and relationship & sex therapist based in Denver, Colorado. She provides works with clients through her private practice, Inner Atlas Therapywhich centers her belief that everyone has everything inside needed for healing and wholeness. Her practice specialties include the treatment of complex trauma, sex and intimacy, couples and relationships, disordered eating, body shame and liberation, and substance abuse and addiction. She is an Internal Family Systems Therapy Trained therapist and incorporates EFT and attachment-focused approaches into her EMDR practice. Cassie is committed to anti-oppressive practices and involved in the collective liberation movement. Cassie holds space for shame-free learning spaces and exudes warmth and compassion in everything that she does.

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Crystal Wildes


traumatology basics



Trauma Informed Basic Training: Traumatology Basics Module

Trauma Informed Basic Training: Complex PTSD Module


Trauma Informed Course-  
C-PTSD: Unraveling Layers of Trauma


EMDR Advanced Course: 

EMDR for Grief & Loss


Crystal Wildes is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. She has over fifteen years of experience working, training, and providing supervision/consultation in a variety of settings, including residential treatment, community mental health, outpatient clinics, non-profit organizations, and private practice. She has worked with individuals and families of all ages, including adjudicated youth, at-risk teens, families involved with social services, and victims of crime. Crystal has specialty areas of trauma recovery, including having been trained in EMDR in 2012, which forever changed her clinical work. She prides herself in being authentic and genuine in her approach to facilitate the learning experience.

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Erika Yourdan


generational trauma


Trauma Informed Basic Training: Generational Trauma

Trauma Informed Basic Training: Trauma & Kids


EMDR Advanced Course: 

Approaching EMDR Intensives


Erika is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a licensed addiction counselor, and a licensed chemical dependency counselor. She is also a doctoral candidate at Northcentral University. Erika is licensed to practice in both Texas and Colorado. She is a Certified EMDR Therapist and Approved Consultant as well as an AAMFT Approved Supervisor. Erika owns a group practice in Abilene, TX where she specializes in complex and generational trauma, substance use, and couple and family therapy, and EMDR Intensives. In the therapy room, she holds space for individuals and families working through relational issues, addiction, attachment wounds, and complex trauma. Erika enjoys spending time outdoors soaking in nature, camping, kayaking, hiking, and connecting with her large farm full of rescue animals. In both therapy and consultation individuals can expect to feel safe in a judgment-free, supportive space.

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Kryss Dutt


mindfulness practice



Kryss is our Operations Administrator. They have worked in digital marketing and project management for seven years. Reflecting on their career and personal life during a fulfilling spiritual journey, Kryss is now pursuing their aspiration of becoming a therapist. They decided it was time to achieve a lifelong goal. Kryss believes therapy saves lives and draws inspiration from helping people. Kryss enjoys reading, is a yoga teacher and enthusiast, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, a parapsychology nerd, has a Master of Science in Digital Marketing and is vegan. Kryss is also currently enrolled in a graduate counseling program at Adler Graduate School. Kryss enjoys the enlightened and fulfilling experience of working at Kase & CO.

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Jessica Downs


truth about dissociation



Trauma Informed Basic Training: Dissociation Module

EMDR Basic Training


EMDR Advanced Course: 

EMDR & Ego States


Jessica is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker residing in Grand Junction, CO. Before her second career as a therapist, she worked as a high school teacher among a highly traumatized population in Houston, Texas, where her inclination toward healing really took root. Jessica left her position as a teacher to earn her degree in order to more acutely participate in the resolution of trauma. She discovered the power and effectiveness of EMDR early in her therapy career, and is now a Certified EMDR practitioner and Consultant, offering individual counseling and consultation through her private practice Live Well Counseling Center. Jessica specializes in use of ego state work in the treatment of complex trauma and dissociation. She is bi-lingual (English and Spanish) and strives to support her clients in embodying healing and working towards becoming “whole”.

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Rebecca Kase


Polyvagal theory



Trauma Informed Basic Training: Polyvagal Theory Module 


Trauma Informed Courses:

Principles of Polyvagal Theory


EMDR Advanced Course: 

Polyvagal Theory & EMDR

EMDR & Complex PTSD

EMDR Refresher Course

EMDR Mastery Course


Rebecca Kase is a licensed clinical social worker and yoga instructor, living in Gig Harbor WA. She is an EMDR Consultant & Basic Trainer, and owner of Kase & CO. She is the author of Polyvagal informed EMDR: A neuro-informed approach to healing.


Rebecca is a force of nature. She’s a compassionate and authentic consultant, who has a keen sense for holding space, bringing levity to the heaviest of topics, and creating engaging learning experiences. Rebecca incorporates yoga,  throughout her clinical work and training, and has specialties in mind-body techniques, dissociation, complex trauma, and ego-state work. Rebecca values creating Shame Free Spaces for Learning™ in training and consultation, and believes in teaching clinicians the values of humility and curiosity as vital elements to the healing process.

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