Welcome to the Kase & CO

Welcome to the Kase & CO

Trauma Academy

Welcome to the Trauma Academy where you can become a trauma expert with the Kase & CO team! Our Trauma Academy consists of two main pillars, Trauma Informed Courses and our Trauma Informed Basic Training program. 

Our training calendar is packed with resources for specific clinical populations, treatment models, and clinical interventions. Feed your hunger for knowledge and enhance your skills with us. Join our Shame Free Spaces for Learning™, and experience the Kase & CO difference.

Whether you are looking to take an individual course or become a fully Trauma Certified expert, we have a variety of options for you to choose from and customize your learning experience with us.  

Looking for a basic foundational knowledge of trauma and trauma informed care? Join our Trauma Informed Basic Training Program and develop your foundational knowledge base for all things trauma!

This program is offered fully on demand and gives you a total of 20 CE hours of training! These courses offer NBCC and ACE CEs. Earn a certificate of completion for each module.

Take it at your own pace, go in any order, and earn CE certificates as you go! 

Looking for trauma training to help you expand your knowledge and better help your clients? Our Trauma Informed Courses are just what you are looking for

These courses cover advanced topics related to the treatment of trauma. They are best for those who have a foundational knowledge base of trauma and trauma informed treatment.

These courses offer CEs from NBCC and ACE (these are not EMDR-specific). We cover a wide array of topics with the option to attend live or on demand. 

Trauma Informed Basic Training

Trauma Informed Basic Training

Our Trauma Informed Basic Training Program offers you trauma expertise at your own pace!

Here is what you can expect to learn in Trauma Informed Basic Training:

The neuroscience of trauma, based on the most current scientific trauma research.

How to evaluate symptoms and the relationship between trauma and multiple mental health diagnoses.

Evidence-based trauma treatment recommendations and guidelines.

The link between trauma, addictions, and dissociation.

Polyvagal Theory and how to use this model to make sense of trauma responses.

Complex PTSD – what it is, how prevalent it is, and relevant research on this unrecognized diagnosis.

What generational trauma is and how it affects people.

How trauma affects the body and can manifest as physical sensations.

The foundations of trauma informed care and trauma treatment.

The reality of vicarious trauma and trauma therapist burnout.

Ready to make a difference?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to become a skilled agent of change for your clients.

Trauma Informed Courses

Attention trauma professionals! 

Our Trauma Informed Courses are specifically designed to address issues related to unresolved trauma.

Whether you’re an EMDR professional or not, these courses are a fantastic option for anyone working with trauma in a mental health setting. If you want to broaden your expertise, find effective interventions for your clients or community, or dive into a special modality, our courses are a perfect fit!

Don’t miss out on these healing focused, trauma informed courses, all provided within our Shame Free Spaces for Learning™. Courses are offered both live or on demand.

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