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Who is Rebecca Kase?

Kase & CO Founder, Rebecca Kase is recognized as one of the foremost EMDR trainers in the U.S. She is an LCSW, professional EMDR consultant and trainer, registered yoga teacher, and author of Polyvagal Informed EMDR: A Neuro-Informed Approach to Healing (2023).

Rebecca has been practicing in the field of trauma counseling since 2006. She’s an expert in working with complex trauma and dissociation and has practiced in both nonprofit and private practice settings. In her own therapy practice, Rebecca incorporates yoga therapy, ego states, somatic approaches, Polyvagal Theory and EMDR into her work with clients, which includes veterans and adults with Complex PTSD. 

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Therapy Talk

Polyvagal-informed EMDR With Rebecca Kase

In our conversation, you’ll hear why a Polyvagal perspective is important when learning EMDR, and how she incorporates this into her EMDR sessions, as well as learning about EMDR training with Rebecca.

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Rebecca Kase Explains EMDR Therapy and How It Works.

What is EMDR therapy? On today’s episode, trauma therapist Rebecca Kase explains Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and how this structured therapy can help modify trauma sensitivity.

The Neurodiverging Podcast

Understanding the Science of Safety with Rebecca Kase

On today’s episode, Danielle talks with guest Rebecca Kase about everything polyvagal theory. Developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, polyvagal theory is an important model for understanding how people regulate emotional and physical health, especially in response to stress and perceived threats, and something we refer to in coaching very often. Rebecca discusses how we can use this model to help us understand and work with our nervous systems to feel better more often.

EMDRIA Podcasts

Let’s Talk EMDR: the EMDRIA Podcast

Season 1  | Episode 6

EMDR Therapists: Staying Centered in an Uncentered World with Rebecca Kase

EMDR Association UK: Past, Present and Future

Rebecca Kase chats with Dr Russ Hurn about blending EMDR with Polyvagal Theory in advance of the 2023 conference in Glasgow.


Polyvagal-informed emdr

A Neuro-Informed Approach to Healing by Rebecca Kase

Linking two cutting-edge approaches to form a robust healing model.

Polyvagal Theory and EMDR are two well-respected theoretical and practical models with immense implications for therapeutic practice. Polyvagal-Informed EMDR outlines a comprehensive approach for integrating Polyvagal Theory into EMDR Therapy. Individually, each model offers powerful pathways to healing. Combined, these models supercharge therapy and the recovery process.

This is the first book to treat these topics together: assessing complex material and presenting it in an approachable, engaging manner.

the applied polyvagal theory flip chart

A Psychoeducational Tool to Harness the Power of the Vagus Nerve for Emotional Balance, Self-Regulation, and Resilience

Therapist Approved! Psychoeducational flip charts are a unique and reusable in-session therapy tool that brings clinical concepts to life.
Buy it once, use it hundreds of times!

Unlock the wisdom of polyvagal theory to help clients find greater emotional, physical, and mental balance.

Polyvagal theory is often considered the “user’s manual” for understanding the inner workings of the autonomic nervous system, but teaching clients how to put this groundbreaking theory into practice can be a challenge.


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