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If you’re new to EMDR, then Basic Training is the place to begin. EMDR is a powerful therapy that changes people’s lives! Learn how to implement EMDR and help your clients heal. This evidence-based therapy has been shown to be effective in treating not only trauma and PTSD, but also anxiety, depression, grief and loss, addictions, chronic pain, complex PTSD, and more. 

Our 50-hour, EMDRIA Approved course provides the foundation to become an EMDR therapist. Our courses typically take place online in a live webinar. Kase & CO is an approved CE provider with a number of boards. Check our EMDR Basic Training details page in the link below to learn more.

EMDR is a powerful therapy. It can easily integrate into your clinical practice with other modalities such as mind-body techniques, IFS and Ego States, play therapy, mindfulness, CBT, DBT, and more. It’s effective across cultures and with all ages!

You can begin practicing EMDR with clients after your first training intensive. And you’re eligible to pursue EMDR certification after completing training. Your course comes with access to an online learning platform with videos, downloads, and helpful resources. You’ll also have ongoing support from a consultant and a core group of peers throughout your training, so you never feel lost or on your own.

Join our expert and compassionate Kase & CO team for a shame-free and inspirational training experience! We can’t wait to see you.

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Pursue EMDR Certification

When you’ve completed Basic Training, you can develop advanced skills and visibility through EMDR Certification. Certification is a specialty credential granted by EMDRIA, the EMDR International Association. It requires additional hours of training and consultation, above and beyond Basic Training, and identifies you as an advanced EMDR practitioner.

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Part 1: Jan 26-28, 2023 9am-5:30pm MTN
Part 2: Mar 30-Apr 1, 2023 9am-5:30pm MTN
Part 1: Feb 22-24, 2023 9am-5:30pm MTN
Part 2: Apr 26-28, 2023 9am-5:30pm MTN
Part 1: Apr 12-14, 2023 9am-5:30pm MTN
Part 2: Jun 7-9, 2023 9am-5:30pm MTN
Part 1: Jun 22-24, 2023 9am-5:30pm MTN
Part 2: Aug 17-19, 2023 9am-5:30pm MTN
Part 1: Aug 2-4, 2023 9am-5:30pm MTN
Part 2: Oct 4-6, 2023 9am-5:30pm MTN
Part 1: Sept 21-23, 2023 9am-5:30pm MTN
Part 2: Nov 30-Dec 2, 2023 9am-5:30pm MTN

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Advanced & Specialty EMDR Trainings

Beyond Basic Training, advanced and specialty EMDR training can help you develop your niche, fulfill continuing education hours or provide a clinical refresh. Our specialty EMDR training and events focus on a specific clinical presentation or issue, and teach you how to treat that concern through the lens of EMDR Therapy. Topics include EMDR for children, disordered eating, complex trauma, grief and loss, chronic pain, Ego States, Polyvagal Theory, and many more.

Kase & CO Scholarship Fund for BIPOC Clinicians

We recognize that systemic racism has created many social barriers for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), including a lack of equity in education and certification. We are an anti-racist company, and we offer BIPOC mental health professionals annual scholarships for training and advanced certifications.