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Founder Rebecca Kase

At Kase & CO Training and Consulting, we specialize in comprehensive EMDR and trauma training for psychotherapists. We create exceptional educational experiences to help you deepen your practice and empower your clients to break through to a new level of healing.

Founded in 2017 by Rebecca Kase, LCSW, we are one of the top training providers in the US.

We’re an approved continuing education provider with EMDRIA, APA and NBCC. Our structured courses are unique in the field, with dynamic live and on-demand formats designed to keep you engaged and learning.

As mental health professionals, we teach as colleagues and humble mentors, sharing our knowledge to support your success. We invite you to join our community of compassionate therapists who come together to learn and grow.


Shame Free Spaces
for Learning

EMDR training is dynamic and experiential, so it’s crucial to have a safe space where you can be vulnerable to explore, try new techniques and make mistakes as you learn. We mindfully create inclusive, Shame Free Spaces for Learning™, so you can come with a beginner’s mind, whether you’re new to the practice or an established professional. 

Your Nervous System is 
Your Greatest Clinical Tool

At Kase & CO, our training practice is unlike any other. We teach Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing through the lens of Polyvagal Theory, which considers how the nervous system correlates to presenting symptoms. We put theory into practice by incorporating mindfulness techniques into our trainings to help you integrate new information and stay engaged as you learn.

Come for the Content,
Stay for the Community

As expert EMDR therapists, we’re committed to raising the bar for therapist training and education. That’s why we consider every detail of our trainings, from organized course presentations, to clear email communications, to engaging lectures and supportive environments.

Kase & CO Training & Consulting founder Rebecca Kase set the standard for our honest and genuine teaching style that brings levity to even the heaviest of subjects. Our trainers prioritize approachability, sharing our hardest lessons and our greatest successes. We want you to come for the content and stay for the community.

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EMDR Basic Training

Our EMDR Basic Training provides the foundation for becoming an EMDR practitioner. In this 50-hour training course, including 10 hours of group consultation, you’ll learn the history, theoretical model and eight phases of EMDR Therapy. Our Basic Training course also covers treatment plan development for complex trauma and a review of advanced approaches to using EMDR for a broad range of concerns.

After completion of this course, you’ll be eligible to practice EMDR or pursue an advanced level of training for certification.

EMDR Certification

If you’re seeking to develop your skills and visibility as an EMDR practitioner, EMDR Certification provides advanced education and experience beyond EMDR Basic Training. EMDR Certification is a specialty credential granted by EMDRIA, the international association for EMDR; completion of EMDR Basic Training is required for Certification course enrollment.

DID you know?

EMDR therapy isn’t diagnosis-specific.

While best known for the treatment of trauma, EMDR can be used for all diagnoses, and it’s effective across age, gender and culture.

additional Services

Advanced and Specialty EMDR Trainings

Advanced and specialty EMDR training can help you develop your niche, fulfill continuing education hours or provide a clinical refresh. Our specialty EMDR training and events focus on a specific clinical presentation or issue and teach you how to treat that concern through the lens of EMDR Therapy. Topics range from using EMDR to treat disordered eating and body image issues, to EMDR for grief and loss.

EMDR Consultant Training

As an EMDR Consultant, you can make an incredible impact by helping other therapists learn and master EMDR. Our Consultant Training program is structured as an internship in which you’ll be assigned therapists to provide consultation to, while under the mentorship of Insight trainers. We take an integrative approach to consultant training, helping you master the academic content and interpersonal skills.

Completion of our EMDR Consultant Training program provides you with all the requirements for submitting your application to become an EMDRIA Approved Consultant.


We believe consultation should give you the space and safety to get curious in your learning and feel refreshed and inspired in your work and business. We provide consultation within a trauma-informed and interpersonal framework, focusing on your needs and goals for professional development. If you’re looking for EMDR, business or clinical consulting, we offer a range of consultation services.

meet the KASE & CO team

We Are Kase & CO
Training and Consulting

Kase & CO Training and Consulting was founded by EMDR expert Rebecca Kase. An EMDR practitioner since 2007, Rebecca is recognized as one of the foremost EMDR trainers in the United States, and an inspiring and thoughtful leader in her field.

As a diverse community of therapists, we believe in embodying the principles we teach by approaching training with compassion and honesty, and providing safe, inclusive and Shame Free Spaces for Learning™ for trainers and trainees alike.

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Nov 10, 2023 9:00am-4:30pm MTN
EMDR for Addictions- Live or On-Demand Webinar
Trainer: Cassie Krajewski
Dec 16, 2023 9:00am-4:30pm MTN
EMDR Mixed Bag- Live or On-Demand Webinar
Trainer: Robin Shapiro
Part 1: Jan 10-12, 2024 9am-5:30pm MTN
Part 2: Mar 6-8, 2024 9am-5:30pm MTN
EMDR Basic Training – Jan/Mar 2024
Trainer: Crystal Wildes
Jan 25, 2024 9:00am-4:30pm MTN
Approaching EMDR Intensives- Live or On-Demand Webinar
Trainer: Erika Yourdan