Shame Free Spaces for Learning™

At Kase & CO, we understand how shame can be a hindrance to growth and exploration in the academic field. Unfortunately, too many of us have experienced being shamed by an authority figure or mentor at some point during our learning journeys. That’s why founder Rebecca Kase created what she calls “Shame Free Spaces for Learning™” – understanding that if we are to foster thriving communities, it is essential to tackle potential sources of shame head-on! By encouraging curiosity, openness, and relationships throughout the educational process, we create a learning space like none other to support you and encourage you.

Shame Free Spaces for Learning™ origin

Why Shame-Free?

Rebecca Kase coined the term Shame Free Spaces for Learning™ when she started Kase & CO in 2017. Based on her own experiences of being shamed in the academic field, Rebecca felt driven to be the difference in an otherwise rigid and strict learning field. Because she so deeply values community and relationships, Rebecca knew that to create a thriving learning community, she had to address the potential for shame head-on.

Today, we are known for creating Shame Free Spaces for Learning™. It is our mantra. We do that by explicitly naming this shared value in our training spaces; staffing only the most authentic and compassionate team members; having a faculty team that embodies what we teach and mentors with authenticity and approachability; and, most importantly, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. After all, we’re all making mistakes all of the time, trying to do the best we can with the knowledge and resources we have.