We Come Together to Learn & Grow

Our comprehensive approach to EMDR training is unlike any other. We strive to create engaging, inspiring and dynamic training experiences, and to bring our real selves to the table as trainers, therapists and people.

We’re fortunate to have earned the regard of an amazing community of compassionate therapists and faculty who come together at Kase & CO to learn and grow.

Praise for Kase & Co

“I am looking forward to growing my career in EMDR with Kase & CO.

I find it awesome that Kase & CO is BIPOC-aware. Thank you. As a brown person working in corporate America my experiences are different from
my coworkers or other team members. Thank you so much for noticing
and acknowledging.”

“I cannot put into words how amazing this training was. I am completely blown away. I have been through a million trainings, but never left one feeling so exhilarated and enthusiastic about the next steps.”

“I am SO glad that this opportunity exists so that we can start to make EMDR and the mental health world in general less white and more diverse.”

“In almost 30 years of education and training this has been
the best course I have experienced.

The content delivery and the quality of each individual supporting this training far exceeded expectations. Thank you to everyone involved in this process.”

“I appreciate Rebecca’s dedication to providing a training space that is safe for BIPOC clinicians and hold[ing] me accountable as a white clinician to provide culturally competent services.”

“This was BY FAR the best training I have EVER done in my entire career of 14 years.”

“Cassie is phenomenal and made practicum feel like
returning to home

She made me feel prepared and competent and looked out for everyone’s safety. I deeply appreciate how she helped ensure that my pronouns were respected by other people. She worked to understand questions and support everyone. Thank you!”

“This training was LIFE TRANSFORMING. I’m so grateful to you, Rebecca.”

“LOVE THIS TEAM. I felt supported and appreciated throughout the entire training.”

“This training revolutionized my approach to therapy.

This was the best continuing education I’ve ever taken in my career. Rebecca is compassionate and knows how to create connection and community.”

“I loved the focus on C-PTSD, interweaves and dissociation. I feel more fully-prepared to work with anything the client shows up with.”

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