Kase & CO Partnerships

As Kase & CO grows and expands, so do our partnerships! We’re excited to work with organizations that align with our community.

Below you will find some of the amazing partnerships we are cultivating and the organizations we are supporting. 

Our promise is always to do our due diligence as we explore partnerships and bring you organizations that have similar values, goals, and mindset to Kase & CO. 

We value creating shame-free space across our entire business and this is no exception! So with that, let’s talk about some of the great companies we are working with!

Shame Free Spaces for Partnerships


Kase & CO has partnered with bilateralstimulation.io for years! 

Why? Because we believe in the products they have and they are great humans!


Kase & CO has combined our trauma-informed training with Unyte Health’s Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) to help support our community of clinicians and further their practices.


NeuroTek is the worldwide leader with the most extensive product lineup of EMDR equipment. Our products are used in 47 countries by thousands of EMDR therapists who have reported excellent results and believe they are extremely effective therapeutic tools. Use promo code: 

ELITE20 for 10% off! 

EMDR Remote

The ultimate dream tool for EMDR and BSP therapists working remotely! Client can see and hear therapist at all times, even when BLS is going. Therapist can see and hear client at all times. This setting can be turned on / off. 

Use promo code: 

KASEANDCO for 20% off! 

Shame free spaces for all

Looking to partner with Kase & CO?

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