Let's Talk About Busyness

Busyness can be like a drug- addictive and hard to quit. We hate being busy but we also hate being bored. Can you relate? The distraction, the push, the urgency, the energy…they can feel like a weighted warm blanket, making you sweat profusely because it’s too hot and you’ve been under it for too long. But even though you’re a hot mess and totally uncomfortable, you don’t have the energy to take it off and get some air.


Busyness is a sneaky creeper. One moment you’re feeling balanced and proud of how well-managed your schedule, time, and sanity are. And the next, you’re under multiple deadlines, on your fifth cup of caffeine, constantly rubbing the knots out of your shoulders, and wondering how you got here again. I had this experience at the end of July after a ridiculous amount of deadlines I had to hit. All of July I felt the pressure and urgency of being under the gun. And as soon as I hit send on that last email and realized I had knocked all of my deadlines out in time, I was suddenly overcome with despair, boredom, and questioning, “what am I doing with my life?”  All because my pendulum swung from overwhelm to free time. 


If you felt like this month’s newsletter was tailored specifically for you, then let’s dive into a common challenge that really efficient and driven individuals often face. Brace yourself for some neuroscience! When our schedule swings from crazy busy to free time (or vice versa), our thoughts and feelings go haywire as our nervous system tries to reset and adapt. Hormonal changes can make us feel lost, bored, overwhelmed, or even on fire. But here’s the secret: you don’t always have to take action during these times of readjustment. Give your brain a break and let it acclimate before diving into a new project or ditching the one you’re on.


Now, let’s talk about our fascinating relationship with busyness. It can be a sneaky way to avoid self-reflection, delay the important stuff, or deny ourselves the rest and recovery we need. Sometimes, busyness stems from trauma, attachment issues, culture, or our easily distracted brain. And let’s be real, our society loves glorifying productivity over sanity, so it’s no wonder we proudly wear our busyness like a badge of honor. But maybe, just maybe, it’s time for a change. It’s time to challenge ourselves and explore new ways of being.


We all have a unique bond with busyness, and it can consume us if we’re not careful. So, stay curious, stay humble, and take a moment to reflect on how your nervous system interacts with the bustling culture around us. Pause and enjoy the moments of downtime and allow your nervous system to revel in a lack of busyness. I promise..it does a body good.