Imposter Part ... hey you!

Oh hey, you imposter. I see you’re back. What do you have for me to learn this time?

This is what I’ve been saying to myself every morning when I wake up with my imposter part screaming in my ear. Ever since the launch of my book, that part of me has been loud and intrusive in my head and heart. I call her Ida the Imposter, and it’s hard to love her…but I try. 

Most of us have an imposter part. I especially find that women relate to the imposter. Patriarchal values that have told us all of our lives that we aren’t deserving, that success doesn’t belong to us, that we don’t deserve the same opportunities as men, give that imposter a lot to take root in. Add in our own individual stories, insecurities, and experiences, and you have your own unique version of Ida the Imposter.

I’ve worked with Ida for many years. And I thought I had a handle on her. But this new level of exposure, sharing my ideas, and standing on new stages has given her a lot of fuel. So here I am again, working with Ida but in a new way.

Here’s some of my recent takeaways from my time with Ida:

  • Ida is here to protect me from hurt. From criticism, let down, and disappointment. She tries to keep me small, so I don’t fall too far or too hard.
  • Ida doesn’t get to run the show. I know she’s there, over my shoulder, sharing her thoughts and feelings. But I get to choose how much influence Ida has. Only I can consent to her taking over. 
  • Ida is not based on truth. She is born out of patriarchal messages I carry deep in my DNA that have told me not to believe in myself as a woman. Not to celebrate my success. Not to own my accomplishments. If I don’t work on Ida, I allow sexism and misogyny to exist inside my heart and mind. Nope!
  • Working through my imposter is necessary for my liberation and empowerment as a woman, human, and spiritual being. Ida is part of the journey and process. She’s not a barrier. She IS the work. 

No matter where you are on your journey with your imposter, don’t forget you are not alone. For goodness sake, we have a whole term to describe this experience. “Imposter syndrome!” 

Keep leaning in. Be curious. And remember, something is amazing and freeing is on the other side of this challenge. Keep going.