RECORDED COURSE: This course was recorded on November 10, 2023.

EMDR for Addictions:

Honoring the Coping Rooted in Wisdom

Sex. Drugs. Alcohol. Gambling. Working. Shopping, Exercising. Gaming. The list of addictive processes is long and growing. As a therapist, you know this. A surge in traumatic stress is sweeping through our society (and showing up on your caseload), accompanied by a corresponding increase in addictions across the spectrum.

Join EMDR Consultant and Addiction Counselor, Cassie Krajewski, as she offers a fresh perspective on meeting clients with addiction with true compassion and respect. Cassie will integrate her knowledge of EMDR, parts work, and attachment theory to share a refreshed treatment approach for addictions that goes beyond symptom management. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your therapeutic toolkit and empower your clients on their journey to lasting recovery as they define it.

Available for asynchronous-on demand learning.

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Course Details

Addiction is a complex condition characterized by compulsive, ritualized substance use or behavioral patterns that promote self-soothing, despite negative consequences. Said another way, addiction is the solution that has become the problem.

Often at the root of addictions is a history of complex attachment and developmental trauma that often goes untreated in traditional models of addiction treatment. As a therapist, you feel stuck at where to begin – the trauma or the addiction?

This course combines didactic presentation, case studies, and demonstration videos to enhance participants’ understanding and application of EMDR Therapy for addictions. Mental health professionals who complete this course will be equipped with valuable tools and strategies to help their clients improve their quality of life while healing from addiction. Participants will be encouraged to engage in post-course consultation to further enhance their proficiency in applying EMDR therapy for addictions.


  • Trauma-Informed Approaches to Addiction

    • The addictive process and cycle

    • Dissociation and trauma and its role in the development and maintenance of addictions

    • An AIP Model perspective on addictive processes

    • The role of abstinence and harm reduction in EMDR Therapy

  • EMDR Treatment Planning for Addictions

    • EMDR and Addiction Research

    • Developing AIP-informed treatment plans that address both addiction and trauma

    • Addiction-Specific History Taking

  • Extended Preparation: Developing Safety/Stabilization Strategies for Addictions

    • Readiness factors to consider with addictions

    • Polyvagal-informed approach to addicted nervous systems

    • Integrating parts work to resource and befriend the protective system

    • Addiction-specific resourcing tools

  • EMDR Techniques and Protocols for Addictions

    • Addiction-specific resourcing tools
    • Symptom-focused EMDR procedures for  addictions, including triggers and cravings
  • EMDR Techniques and Protocols for Addictions

    • Symptom-focused EMDR procedures for addictions, including desirability and change blocking beliefs
  • EMDR Techniques and Protocols for Addictions

    • Using the Future Prong for symptom stabilization
    • Utilizing trauma-focused EMDR with addicted clients
    • Phase 8 Considerations for addictions


This course is available for viewing through the Kase & CO learning platform.

You maynview this course asynchronously for 1 year from your registration date.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the addictive process through the framework of Adaptive Information Processing Model

  • Utilize a Phase 1 History Taking and Treatment Planning framework that is informed by AIP

  • Identify two resourcing options to prepare clients for reprocessing

  • Assess for factors of readiness for EMDR with addictions

  • Identify at least three protocols for use with chemical and/or process addictions

  • Describe how to use the future prong in addiction targets


Fee: $210

Payment is accepted via credit or debit card.

About Your Trainer, Cassie Krajewski

Cassie is an LCSW, EMDRIA approved consultant, and Kase & CO Senior Faculty Member. She is also an IFS Level One Trained therapist, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, and a Licensed Addiction Counselor. 

Cassie owns  Inner Atlas Therapy, a private practice in Denver, Colorado where she specializes in using EMDR and IFS in the treatment of disordered eating, addictions, and sex and intimacy related concerns.

Cassie has extensive experience working with addiction and has worked in both outpatient and intensive care settings. Cassie is a warm, engaging, and practical presenter – and prioritizes her values of authenticity, curiosity, and compassion in her teaching. 

Additional Information


To register for this course, you must have completed Parts 1 and 2 of EMDR Basic Training.

Continuing Education

6 CEs are available upon completion of all course material.

Kase & CO is an approved continuing education provider. ACE, NBCC and EMDRIA CEs are available for this course. This course is not eligible for APA CEs.

Participants must complete the full training to receive credit.

Course Completion

To receive a CE certificate, participants must complete the entire course, complete the post-test with a score of 80% or above, and complete the course evaluation. You may retake the post-test as needed. Once completed, a CE certificate will auto-populate to your online account.

Cancellation Policy

Refunds are not available for on-demand courses.


ACE Approved Provider

Kase & CO, #1869, is approved as an ACE provider to offer social work continuing education by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) Approved Continuing Education (ACE) program. Regulatory boards are the final authority on courses accepted for continuing education credit. ACE provider approval period: 1/16/2024 – 1/16/2025. Social workers completing this course receive 6 total credits clinical continuing education credits.

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