Did You Know The CO in Kase & CO = Community

Did You Know The CO in Kase & CO = Community​

Did you know that the CO in our name, Kase & CO isn’t for company? It’s for community. Because being part of a supportive, inspirational, compassionate community is, well…priceless.


A community is a shield against burnout. It’s a safe place to land when you feel upside down. It’s a container for your fears, your own personal cheering squad when you’re feeling vulnerable, and the fan club of your successes. 


Communities do wonders for us mentally and emotionally. When communities also serve as a space to learn and excel professionally, they become a pathway to growth and healing for yourself and others.


Because we’re all about community, we designed our new EMDR Certification program with community at the heart of it.


We’re thrilled to announce our new EMDR Certification program that comes with individual and group consultation, CEs, resources and downloads, demonstration videos, and lots of community. From office hours to scheduled community gatherings, to who you’re paired with as part of your learning cohort, you will find connection and support with this program. 


If finding a community wasn’t enough, there’s also the benefit of getting EMDRIA certified. Getting certified will boost your confidence in your EMDR skills, teach you how to use EMDR in advanced ways, and help you build your specialty niche as a therapist. 


We’re offering discounted early bird registration through March 1. Payment plans are available, and you can register while you’re still wrapping up your basic training program. To find your wolf pack and register, click here.

Community is everything. We’re grateful you’re part of this one.