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What if you could envision your best possible future
...and make it happen?

Sounds like a pipe dream, right? But it’s not! Let Rebecca Kase teach you how⁠! The status quo method for setting yearly goals and creating a business plan is boring and anxiety-producing.

Join Rebecca and learn her tried, tested, inspirational, and fun process for calling in prosperity and setting goals. In this one-time-only event, you’ll learn how to set goals using Rebecca’s inspirational goal-setting method and her creative business planning techniques. Explore techniques for quieting your inner critic and building a mindset for success.

You’ll also develop a personal mantra and meditation to propel you into an abundant 2023.

Come for fun, inspiration, business tips for success, and community!

This is your chance to manifest the life and business you want! Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

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Rebecca Kase is a successful entrepreneur and has grown her EMDR training and consulting business into one of the largest EMDR training groups in the country. She’s ready to share some of her tips and favorite techniques for success with you in this 2-hour workshop.

The Visioneering Workshop is the perfect space for anyone, therapist or not, who wants to Manifest Prosperity and Abundance in the upcoming year.

This space is exclusive for anyone ready to seize the day and take an active role in manifesting their dreams and desires. 

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When: January 19th, 2023

Time: 11am-1pm MTN

Cost: $60

This event will be recorded and available in your account for 3 months after the live date. 

No CEs are available for this event. 

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