The Healing Corner

This is audio recording is of a commonly practiced EMDR resourcing technique. This guided practice
focuses on a healing light that resonates throughout the body. A great option for pain and somatic
distress, as well as grounding and overall ease.

This audio recording is a practice in breathwork. We will focus on balancing and regulating the breath through a guided breathing practice. This is a great practice for just about anything, as it creates balance
in the mind and body.

This audio recording is a guided meditation, in which we practice observing our thoughts and mind. This practice is helpful to get perspective, to get out of your head, for anxiety and worry, and an overactive

This video is a SATYA inspired Yoga Therapy practice. This is a very gentle and very simple practice, all practiced while lying on the ground. Good for grounding, somatic tension, or depression.

This audio recording is a short practice in Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep. This practice includes gentle relaxation and progressive body relaxation. Good for just about anything, especially grounding and sleeplessness.

This audio recording is a guided meditation that orients through the 5 senses. We use our senses to quiet the mind and body. Good for anxiety, depression, dissociation, and overall ease.

Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is a meditative and calming practice. This video guides participants through a progressive body relaxation, followed by focused attention and mantra. This video is great for calming, grounding, and balancing.

This SATYA inspired yoga therapy video guides participants through a gentle yoga sequence, aimed at creating length and mobility in the spine and releasing tension in the shoulders.