Scholarship Fund for BIPOC Clinicians

The Scholarship Fund was created to support colleagues of color advance in EMDR.

At Rebecca Kase & CO, we recognize that systemic racism has created many social barriers for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC).  One of these includes education.  BIPOC individuals have historically had poorer access to quality education, fewer opportunities to pursue advanced education, and even fewer opportunities towards specialty training and certifications.  We want to try to make a difference as it relates to advanced clinical training for mental health professionals and social service providers.

Rebecca Kase & CO is proud to offer the following annual scholarships for training and advanced certifications, specifically available to BIPOC professionals. Scholarships are available specifically to Rebecca Kase & CO trainings.

Available Scholarships 

  • 2 full-ride scholarships for EMDR Basic Training for each training cohort- live or virtual format (valued at $1560 and 50 hours of education per training)
    • Includes all lecture and consultation
    • Trainees will need to purchase the Francine Shapiro text independently and print off training materials independently.

Selection criteria and application process

Please submit a personal statement addressing the following:
  • Identifying information: Name, city & state, email, degree, license if applicable, profession, work setting & populations you serve
  • Do you self-identify as a BIPOC clinician, who has been impacted by systemic racism as it relates to your access to fair, quality, and advanced educational opportunities?
  • Which scholarship & training are you applying for? Please specify training dates, or note if you are applying to all open sessions if this is in regards to EMDR Basic Training. 
  • Please share a bit about yourself as a professional.
  • What will you do with your advanced training? How will you make a difference in the world with the knowledge you gain?
  • Where and with whom will you have opportunity to directly apply your EMDR learning? We focus on awarding scholarships to those who have a caseload they can practice with immediately after Part 1.
  • Anything else you feel is important for us to know as we review your application (ex: working for a non-profit, single-parent income, disabled, small business owner, working with refugees, etc.)?

Please complete a personal statement addressing the above questions.  Please attach a copy of your resume to your personal statement and email to


  • Scholarship applicants must be U.S. Residents.
  • Scholarship applications may be sent in at any time but must be submitted 1 month prior to the training you are requesting a scholarship to. Applications received after this date will need to apply for the next cohort.
  • Applications will be reviewed and available scholarships awarded within 1 week of the application deadline.
  • You may only receive 1 scholarship from Rebecca Kase & CO in your lifetime. This parameter is established to offer fairness and increase opportunities of financial assistance to a greater number of individuals.
  • You must complete your training within 1 year of being awarded a scholarship.
  • The same cancellation and attendance policies that apply to each training or certification apply to scholarship recipients.
  • If you cancel your attendance for a training where a scholarship was awarded, you may lose your scholarship. We reserve the right to make such determinations on a case by case basis dependent on circumstances and reasons for cancellations.  Emergencies, sickness and crises may be exceptions.
  • Please see the application deadlines below:

Our team offers free and low cost consultation to BIPOC clinicians, with a desire to pursue Certification or Consultant status. If you are a BIPOC EMDR trained clinician, wishing to pursue advanced levels of training and needing financial support check out our Approved Consultants page for our clinicians that offer dicsounted rates. The consultants offering BIPOC discounted rates will be notated.

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EMDR Basic Training – Feb/Apr 2024
Trainer: Jessica Downs
EMDR Basic Training – Mar/May 2024
Trainer: Jessica Downs
Part 1: May 8-10, 2024 9am-5:30pm MTN
Part 2: Jul 10-12, 2024 9am-5:30pm MTN
EMDR Basic Training – May/Jul 2024
Trainer: Crystal Wildes
Part 1: Jun 13-15, 2024 8am-4:30pm MTN
Part 2: Aug 15-17, 2024 8am-4:30pm MTN
EMDR Basic Training – Jun/Aug 2024
Trainer: Jessica Downs

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