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    Rebecca Kase

    Hello consultants and CITs!

    Welcome to the consultant hub, a space to connect and access resources. I am so thrilled to offer this resource you and am grateful you are part of the Rebecca Kase & CO community!

    Please take a moment to introduce yourself! Where are you in the world, are you an AC or CIT, and what are your specialty areas? Feel free to also share your email or social media handles if you’d like to network.

    Be humble, be brave everyone!

    With reverence- Rebecca

    Molly Pike

    This is so amazing Rebecca! Thank you so much to you and your team for putting this valuable resource together.

    Hello everyone else! I am Molly Pike, I am a new CIT and really excited to take this next step in my EMDR journey 🙂 I live in Denver, Colorado, I am in private practice and my speciality areas are working with relational and attachment trauma. I currently only work with adults 18+ virtually. I love to incorporate parts work (who doesn’t! It’s the best!), mindfulness and somatic work as well. I would love to network! My email is and IG is, though I am not active on there at this time.

    Looking forward to connecting with you all on here or perhaps in group!

    Bronwyn Shroyer

    Hello! I’m so excited to be here!

    I’m Bronwyn Shroyer – a new CIT from Bloomington, IN. I was a school social worker for 15 years with elementary and high school kiddos, but made the switch over to a virtual private practice in the not so distant past. I see ages 14 and up. My specialty areas alongside PTSD are betrayal/infidelity trauma with individuals/couples and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I LOVE ego-state work (I agree Molly – parts work is the BEST!) and polyvagal theory. I LOVE learning, so I am grateful to be a part of this community and to learn from all of you.

    My e-mail is

    I’m excited to get to know you all better!


    I’m so excited to be a part of this growing consultant community! You’ll see a lot me in this space as I’ll be supporting with the monitoring of this discussion board as it evolves and grows.

    I’m Cassie Krajewski, an Approved Consultant located near Denver, CO. I’m a Senior Faculty Member and Program Manager with Rebecca’s team – I truly have the best job ever and am so grateful to get to do this really rewarding work in this community of healers.

    A bit about my clinical practice – I specialize in using EMDR to work with folks that have complex trauma that manifests as disordered eating and body image issues, substance use and addictions, and attachment and intimacy issues. I really enjoy providing advanced consultation on my areas of expertise.

    You can reach me at I look forward to what we’ll create in this supportive space together!

    Alexis Baca-Spry


    Thank you to Rebecca and Co. for making this space happen! How impressive! I am grateful that we have the opportunity to connect in this manner and share helpful resources.

    I am Alexis Baca-Spry, LPC, NCC and am a C.I.T. with Rebecca’s team. I live on the Western Slope of Colorado. I am licensed in Arizona and Colorado and see clients in both states. Like many of you, I am providing exclusively virtual/telehealth therapy. My specialty is EMDR focusing on adults with trauma history including complex. I like using the dissociation/parts work lens to inform preparation in advance of reprocessing. My affinity is working with the LGBTQIA+ community. In the near future I am looking to grow my practice as the demand has steadily increased.

    You can reach me at I look forward to learning from you all!

    Christine Pardos

    Hello All!

    I’m so thankful to be part of this community and am so excited to virtually meet you all!

    I’m Christine Pardos, LCSW and am also a C.I.T with Rebecca. I live in Lakewood, Colorado and recently transitioned to my own private practice last year. I provide telehealth-only therapy to adults and absolutely LOVE EMDR. I am currently finding a lot of joy supporting those navigating trauma, anxiety, and the complexities of motherhood and pregnancy. I also enjoy navigating EMDR through the language of parts work and have also recently found a lot fulfillment doing EMDR intensives.

    You can connect with me at – I so look forward to growing alongside all of you wonderful healers!

    Stephanie Miller

    Hey! I am Stephanie Miller, LPC and I am a CIT as well! I live in Grayson, Georgia with my husband, two teen girls, and two cats. I have my own private practice and I have a contract with a Christian non profit agency that receives the victims of crime grant. So I am able to provide 12 free sessions to those who cannot afford quality trauma therapy. My passion is working with women that come in with either complex childhood trauma, sexual assault, or dissociative disorders. The modalities I use are EMDR, ego state, and DBT (for stabilizing and resourcing.) I also love EMDR and can totally geek out and that’s partly why I want to be a consultant so I can talk to others all the time about it!. I love being able to support and encourage therapists as they walk on their journey as EMDR therapists💕
    My email is just in case you’d like to connect☺️

    Christina Granados

    Hello fellow CIT’s!!! I enjoyed reading about you all and your love for EMDR and working toward becoming a Consultant. My name is Christina Granados and I to am starting my journey as a CIT! I am in private practice in Wichita, KS where I have the privilege of working alongside women who have experienced childhood trauma as well as other distressing issues that women experience. I am a huge supporter of therapists lifting other therapists -and just love talking to other therapists….I can be contacted at my email: and would love to connect !

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