Stephanie Miller

Hey! I am Stephanie Miller, LPC and I am a CIT as well! I live in Grayson, Georgia with my husband, two teen girls, and two cats. I have my own private practice and I have a contract with a Christian non profit agency that receives the victims of crime grant. So I am able to provide 12 free sessions to those who cannot afford quality trauma therapy. My passion is working with women that come in with either complex childhood trauma, sexual assault, or dissociative disorders. The modalities I use are EMDR, ego state, and DBT (for stabilizing and resourcing.) I also love EMDR and can totally geek out and that’s partly why I want to be a consultant so I can talk to others all the time about it!. I love being able to support and encourage therapists as they walk on their journey as EMDR therapists💕
My email is stephanie.miller@jeremiahcounseling.com just in case you’d like to connect☺️