EMDR Drop-In Practice Groups

Looking for a space to practice EMDR? We've got you covered.

Are you looking for a safe, supportive space to practice EMDR with other clinicians? We offer monthly drop-in practice groups, available to any EMDR therapist. Whether you are currently in basic training or have completed basic training, you are welcome here.

Groups are created with the intentionality of offering EMDR therapists opportunities to gain mastery of their EMDR skills. Mastery comes with practice, and sometimes getting the amount of practice you need can be challenging.

Are you are newly trained, or newly returning to your EMDR practice, and need a place to practice the protocol or resourcing techniques?  Maybe you are learning to translate your skills to the virtual world and need a place to test it out. Perhaps you are looking for opportunities to fine-tune your skills, or a space to connect and learn with other therapists.

If any or all of these professional needs speak to you, this place was created for you.

Read below to learn more, or to sign up!

Who, What, Where, When, How...

Anyone who is an EMDR therapist, whether you are in Basic Training or have completed training, is welcome here. The purpose of the practice group is to offer a supportive, structured space to practice the application of EMDR Therapy skills and the EMDR Therapy Protocol. To participate you must have completed, or be currently enrolled in, an EMDRIA approved EMDR Basic Training course.

Group Process

Practice occurs through our HIPPA compliant Zoom Platform. Group practice is managed quite similarly to your practicum experience of EMDR Basic Training.  Each drop-in group will be lead by a Group Coach. The Group Coach will orient you to group, be available for feedback, answer questions, and monitor the space to ensure everyone has a productive practice session. Each therapist will be paired with 1-2 other therapists to practice with. We will make our best efforts to pair clinicians with those of similar levels of experience. You may practice resourcing techniques or reprocessing phases.

At the beginning of the group, your Group Coach will take time to welcome everyone to the space, orient you to group practice & Zoom, and answer any questions you have.  Clinicians will then practice in small groups of 2-3 for the remainder of the group time. The Group Coach will be available and circling throughout groups for the duration of the practice. 

Participate with a Beginner’s Mind

We ask that clinicians participate in a humble, compassionate, and respectful manner. It’s important that everyone be mindful that this is a space for learning and practicing, not perfection and criticism. Come ready to attune to your fellow clinicians, be open to feedback, make mistakes, and practice with a Beginner’s Mind. This space is for practice, not perfection.


We will have multiple groups available for drop-in every month. Please check the group schedule to select a group for you. 

Registration for group practice closes 24 hours prior to the start of the group. You will receive a welcome email and Zoom invite from your group coach within 12 hours of practice. 

Please only register for a group you can attend for the entire duration of group. Arriving late or leaving early is disruptive to your group members’ learning.

Cancellation Policy

Groups are capped, and therefore your attendance is imperative.  The success of practice groups is dependent on each clinician honoring their role and being an active participant. 

If you register for a group and need to cancel, please submit to us your cancelation request in writing to admin@rebeccakse.com. We are happy to offer a full refund with at least 48 hours’ notice. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice no refund will be issued. We ask that you register only if you can attend the entire group practice time. It is disruptive to group members if you leave early.

Please arrive on time. Participants who arrive more than 10 minutes late will not be allowed into group and no refund will be issued for late arrivals.


It is important that participants have coping skills and stable mental health to participate in practice. The practice relationship is not a professional counseling relationship. The practice space is a learning and teaching space. Practicing and receiving EMDR can bring things up. Therefore, please be mindful of the space you are personally in before registering. As “practice client”, you are always in control and can decline to share any information, terminate your practice session, or take pause as you need. 

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