EMDR Consultant Training

Are you interested in becoming an EMDR Consultant? Looking for EMDR consultant training? Look no further!

Rebecca Kase & CO supports clinicians on their path to become an EMDRIA Approved Consultant.  We offer a structured, dynamic, consultant training internship. 

To learn more about our training program, read on. 

Becoming an EMDR Consultant is a specialized and coveted role.  Not everyone who learns EMDR has the necessary skills to become a consultant. EMDR Consultants help therapists learn and master EMDR.  They must demonstrate integrity, professionalism, advanced skills, and compassion.

At Rebecca Kase & CO, we believe that the interpersonal process of consultation is just as meaningful as the delivery of academic information. Therefore, we train consultants to master the academic content and the interpersonal process. 

No other EMDR training group provides such a structured and organized consultant training program. We offer an internship that includes all consultation hours, 12 CEs, and a plethora of resources. You will be assigned therapists to provide consultation to and have the opportunity to audit our EMDR Basic Training lecture. 

This program meets all EMDRIA requirements (minus the direct client hours), and then some, for becoming an Approved Consultant. 

Becoming an EMDR Consultant can diversify your business and buffer against burnout and professional fatigue. It is a highly rewarding and energizing experience. 

  • How to be an EMDR consultant.
  • Master fidelity to the protocol.
  • Advanced techniques and protocols.
  • Skills to consult with individuals and groups.
  • The developmental model of consultation. 
  • The necessary interpersonal skills that contribute to a thriving consultation practice. 
  • Best practices for working with specialty populations: addictions, disordered eating, chronic pain, dissociation, and more. 
  • The business of consultation and methods for building a consultation practice. 
  • The ethics, roles, responsibilities and limitations of a consultant.

What you'll learn with Rebecca Kase & CO

Consultant Characteristics

There are certain attributes and characteristics that make up a quality consultant. We are in search of applicants who possess these skills, and who are willing to further grow in these capacities:

  • Clinical knowledge and expertise
  • Skilled in client care and supervision/mentoring of others
  • Teaching skills are an asset, though not required
  • Humility
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • A kind, strength-based approach to offering feedback
  • A strong capacity for holding space for clinicians and their vulnerabilities
  • Respect for the field & profession

No other group offers an internship that is as well rounded, structured, and organized as ours. We offer you a dynamic training experience that includes:

  • The Rebecca Kase & CO CIT Manual
  • An online consultant hub with resources and videos
  • Monthly consultation of consultation with one of our senior faculty members
  • 10 hours of group consultation and 10 hours of individual consultation
  • The opportunity to work with multiple Rebecca Kase & CO faculty members with various specialties
  • Auditing of Part 1 and Part 2 Basic Training lecture with a Rebecca Kase & CO training
  • Community connection to other CITs in our program
  • A group of 6 consultees to provide consultation to (note: if you have clinicians to provide consultation to and do not require a group we do have a revised training program and cost)
  • CIT core competencies checklist to track your progress and learning
  • 12 CEs to use at any Rebecca Kase & CO Advanced Trainings – select any of our advanced trainings to attend to reach your 12 CEs required for the EMDRIA consultant application

What the internship includes

Costs and Process

  • The cost is $3600 for the entire program listed above. We do have multiple payment options available: Pay in full (discount of $300), pay in 2 installments, or in monthly installments. 
  •  If you do not need a group of consultees to provide consultation to, the total program cost is $3300.
This cost is an investment in your business and one that can open doors in your professional life. We estimate that you would only need to take 2 clinicians through their entire certification process to reclaim the cost of this investment.

Upon completion of the program, you will have met all requirements to submit your application to becoming an EMDRIA Approved Consultant. EMDRIA requires that CITs complete requirements within two years. With all of components of this internship,  you can completed in about 12 months. We can discuss your professional goals and time considerations, and identify an anticipated date of completion together.

Here’s the cost breakdown of all you receive in the consultant internship:

  • Individual consultation of consultation valued at $170 per hour = $1700 for 10 hours required
  • Group consultation of consultation valued at $60 per hour = $600 for 10 hours required
  • Basic Training lecture valued at $800 for Parts 1 and 2
  • 12 EMDRIA credits valued at $450
  • 2 consultation group shadowing experiences with a faculty member
  • CIT training manual 
  • A group of consultees to provide consultation to
  • A consultant hub with resources, protocols, and videos
  • A consultant community 


What’s more, the value of the resources, community, consultees and consultation practice hours, and ongoing support is priceless. With all you get,  this program is truly valuable to all those who pursue it.  We look forward to receiving your application!


To apply to become a CIT, complete the CIT Application.

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