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EMDR & Complex PTSD Toolkit

Are you looking for tools to help stabilize and prepare your clients with Complex PTSD for EMDR? Needing some special skills for working with Complex PTSD targets? At a loss for what to do with Complex PTSD? We've got ya covered!

Join Rebecca Kase, for this advanced course on EMDR & Complex PTSD. This course is available live and on demand.

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Working with Complex PTSD can be, well, complex. It requires a large toolkit to help clients learn ways to regulate, soothe, to feel feelings and sensations. It also requires advanced skill on the clinician’s part to navigate treatment plans and desensitize targets in a way that doesn’t destabilize or overwhelm the client’s nervous system.

This  advanced course will help you fill up your Complex PTSD toolkit. We will review Polyvagal Theory inspired case conceptualization skills that will help you identify treatment goals and plan skillful interventions. We will also review a number of useful preparation tools that are commonly needed with Complex Trauma presentations. These will include resourcing scripts, somatic awareness interventions, mindfulness skills, and Polyvagal informed techniques. Clinicians will learn a variety of skills for assessing and enhancing dual awareness. EMD and EMDr will also be taught, along with a number of symptom focused techniques for desensitization to support stabilization and enhanced coping. Participants will learn the method of Reflexive Orienting, a Rebecca Kase inspired technique for working with highly charged and dysregulating targets. 

Some experiential practice is included, however no group work is incorporated into this course. 

This training will be held live, however will also be recorded and available for delayed streaming. 



What this course covers:

  • Neuro-informed techniques for case conceptualization
  • Basic premises of Polyvagal Theory
  • How to map the nervous system
  • Techniques for assessing and building dual awareness
  • Resourcing techniques for complex trauma
  • A brief introduction to ego states
  • Techniques for building somatic awareness
  • Reflexive Orienting designed by Rebecca Kase
  • Working with defenses
  • Constricted processing techniques of EMD & EMDr
  • Targeting emotions
  • Targeting symptoms

 Learning Objectives:

  • Review the role of Polyvagal Theory in Phase 1 and Phase 2 work with Complex PTSD.
  • Identify at least three ways to resource clients with Complex PTSD.
  • Describe at least two techniques for increasing somatic awareness.
  • Identify at least two techniques for increasing dual awareness.
  • Explain the usefulness of EMD and EMDr in working with Complex PTSD.
  • Describe the Reflexive Orienting technique and its application to working with highly charged targets. 

About your trainer, Rebecca Kase

Rebecca Kase is an LCSW, Registered Yoga Teacher, EMDR Consultant and Trainer living in Washington state. She is the owner and lead trainer of Rebecca Kase and CO. Rebecca has been practicing in the field of trauma counseling since 2006. She is an expert in working with complex trauma and dissociation. She has worked in non-profit and private practice settings. She currently has a small tele-health private practice, where she sees veterans and adult clients with Complex PTSD. She is also a Polyvagal Theory expert. Rebecca incorporates yoga therapy, ego states, somatic approaches, Polyvagal Theory and EMDR into her clinical care. She is a skillful trainer with a strong ability to teach with clarity and enthusiasm. She will certainly keep you engaged and make you giggle, even in an online trauma training course!


To register for this course you must have completed Part 1 and Part 2 of EMDR Basic Training.

Continuing Education:

This course is available for live or on demand viewing.
8 EMDRIA, NBCC & APA CEs are available for live attendance. You must attend all portions of the live training to receive APA CEs.
8 EMDRIA & NBCC CEs are available for on demand.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations for the live event may be requested up to 48 hours prior to training for a refund, minus a $20 admin fee. Cancellation requests are to be submitted via email to admin@rebeccakase.com. Participants must complete the full training to receive credit.

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