EMDR Certification

EMDR Certification is an advanced level of training and experience, beyond that of EMDR Basic Training. Think of completing EMDR Basic Training as getting a bachelor’s in EMDR, and getting EMDR Certified as getting a master’s in EMDR. You have to get the bachelor’s to then pursue the master’s.

EMDR Certification is a specialty credential, overseen by the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) for those in the USA. This level of advanced skill requires experience and training beyond that which you complete in EMDR Basic Training. Note, that EMDR Basic Training must be completed prior to embarking on your EMDR Certification journey. 

What’s the benefit of getting certified?

Getting certified in EMDR is really a testament to a clinician’s level of expertise and advanced skill set as it pertains to their EMDR practice. To become EMDR Certified means you have completed additional hours of training and consultation, and that you have integrity and considerable skill as an EMDR therapist. For those working in private practice, EMDR Certification can speak to your level of qualifications and skill set. For those working in agencies, EMDR Certification identifies you as a lead and advanced practitioner amongst your colleagues and leadership.

What is the process of becoming certified?

EMDRIA has specific expectations and requirements that must be fulfilled to apply for certification.

If you are completing any or all your certification status with a member of Rebecca Kase & CO, there are 2 additional requirements we include in the process. Many trainers and consultants require these additional components as they are indications of competency and fidelity to the protocol.

  1. Completion of a 10 question, open book, quiz. This quiz will ensure you have knowledge of fundamental components of EMDR theory and EMDR therapy. The consultee is to complete this on their own, and the quiz is then reviewed together in an individual consultation.
  2. Record a video of desensitization which we will review in a consultation together. This is to ensure you are practicing the phases of reprocessing to fidelity. The video can be with a client or practice person and can be shared through a virtual software platform.

If you are completing your certification with more than 1 consultant, we can discuss how you fulfill these requirements between your consultants.

What is the cost?

The cost for EMDR Certification depends on which advanced training(s) you choose to take, in addition to your consultant(s) individual and group consultation rate. These rates vary depending on your consultant. To get a better understanding of what this may cost, reach out to those you are interested in seeking consultation from to learn of their consultation prices.

Our team offers free and low cost consultation to BIPOC clinicians, with a desire to pursue Certification or Consultant status. If you are a BIPOC EMDR trained clinician, wishing to pursue advanced levels of training and needing financial support, send an email to cassie@rebeccakase.com or check out our Approved Consultants page. The consultants offering BIPOC discounted rates will be notated.

How long does the process take?

There is no time frame within which you are required to complete certification, therefore you can pace the process out in a way that fits your needs, schedule, and budget.

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