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Our story

Who is Rebecca Kase?

Rebecca Kase is a licensed clinical social worker and yoga instructor, living in Gig Harbor WA. She is an EMDR Consultant & Basic Trainer, and owner of Kase & CO. She is the author of Polyvagal informed EMDR: A neuro-informed approach to healing.

Rebecca is a force of nature. She’s a compassionate and authentic consultant, who has a keen sense for holding space, bringing levity to the heaviest of topics, and creating engaging learning experiences. Rebecca incorporates yoga,  throughout her clinical work and training, and has specialties in mind-body techniques, dissociation, complex trauma, and ego-state work. Rebecca values creating shame-free spaces for learning in training and consultation, and believes in teaching clinicians the values of humility and curiosity as vital elements to the healing process.

Rebecca Kase founded ​​her training and consultation practice in 2017.

A longtime practitioner of EMDR Therapy and a professional educator, Rebecca recognized there was room to improve on training and continuing education for therapists. Through her business, she set out to create thorough and thoughtfully designed educational experiences and a welcoming, inclusive community for EMDR learners and trainers.

The kase & CO Approach

Our comprehensive approach to EMDR training is unlike any other. We strive to create engaging, inspiring and dynamic training experiences to help you deepen your practice and empower your clients to break through to a new level of healing. Our team teaches in a trauma-informed manner, focusing heavily on your felt experience throughout the learning process.

Neuro-Informed Therapy

We teach EMDR through the lens of Polyvagal Theory, which considers how the nervous system correlates to presenting symptoms. We put theory into practice by incorporating mindfulness techniques into our trainings, such as yoga, guided meditation and breathing exercises. These tools help you regulate your nervous system while learning, so you can integrate new information and stay engaged. They also serve you when in practice with your own clients.

Shame Free

EMDR training requires you to experience and practice EMDR, so it’s crucial to have a safe space where you can be vulnerable to explore, try new techniques and make mistakes as you learn. That’s why we focus on creating inclusive, shame free spaces for learning.


Our structured courses are unique in the field, with dynamic live and on-demand formats designed to keep you engaged and learning. We consider every detail of our training, from organized course presentations to clear email communications.

We approach training with an honest and genuine teaching style that brings levity to even the heaviest of subjects. As trainers, we laugh, have fun and bring our real selves to the table. And we prioritize approachability, sharing our hardest lessons and our greatest successes.

Kase & CO Partnerships


At Kase & CO Training and Consulting, we specialize in comprehensive EMDR and trauma training for psychotherapists. We create exceptional educational experiences to help you deepen your practice and empower your clients to break through to a new level of healing.

EMDR Basic Training

Our 50-hour, EMDRIA Approved course provides the foundation to become an EMDR therapist. Our courses typically take place online in a live webinar. Kase & CO is an approved CE provider with a number of boards.

EMDR Advanced Training

We offer advanced EMDR training courses, specialty events and workshops. Whether you are looking to learn more advanced clinical skills, special treatment populations, business skills or even just build resiliency as a professional. We have you covered.

EMDR Certification Packages

Looking to develop your skills, expertise and visibility as an EMDR practitioner? EMDR Certification provides advanced training and additional hours of consultation beyond EMDR Basic Training.  Our robust and relationally oriented EMDR Certification Program includes advanced training, experience with client application, and group and individual consultation.

EMDR Consultant Training

Being an EMDR Consultant is a specialized and coveted role that provides an opportunity to become an expert in your field. Kase & CO is the only EMDR training group in the country that offers an organized and dynamic EMDR consultant internship. Our training program trains you to be a consultant and also provides you with consultation referrals and a professional community

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