My Bipolar II Disorder Is Not a Blessing or a Curse

My Bipolar II Disorder Is Not a Blessing or a Curse May 27th, 2021 Long before I was diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder, I was constantly labeled as an “Old Soul”, a “Sensitive Soul”… Not that my diagnosis and these descriptors have a correlation, but it was something that I now look back on and […]

Somatic Experiencing and Social Media

Somatic Experiencing and Social Media March 3rd, 2021 I noticed my first unintentional, somatic experience with social media a few years ago after leaving an emotionally abusive relationship. Any time I would go on Instagram or Snapchat I would feel a pit in my stomach, my body temperature rise, and my face flush. I was […]

The Beginner’s Mind: Letting Go of Therapy Ego

How one goes about healing from the beginner’s mind begins with self reflection and awareness. Sometimes our “expert” mind gets triggered because we don’t know what to do, we feel out of our scope of practice, we feel incompetent, we are burnt out or have vicarious trauma, or we are in a toxic ego driven […]

Asteya and The Therapist Burnout Pandemic

Asteya and The Therapist Burnout Pandemic Asteya is the Sanskrit word for “non-stealing”. It is one of the “guidelines” of yoga, outlined in the Yoga Sutras, or “how to be” attitudes of yoga practice. We can all resonate with this, as it’s similar to guidelines or commandments found in other religions and philosophical practices. It […]

Why Trying So Hard Isn’t Working

Why Trying So Hard Isn’t Working I was always doing it. People pleasing and hyper-focusing on productivity to feel worthy of something. Anything. That insatiable drive to do more, be more, produce more was slowly eating away at my soul and sanity. I was unaware of the exhaustion that enveloped my brain, body, and soul. […]

Pure Breath or Circular Breath

In this breathing technique, we count for an equal amount on the inhale and exhale.  This breathing technique can bring a sense of internal synchronicity and calmness.  It creates balance amongst the mind, body and soul.  In this guided breathing technique, I count for first a count of 5, then to a count of 6 […]

Progressive Body Relaxation Exercise

Try this yoga inspired progressive relaxation exercise to help quiet and calm the body and mind!  This is good to use as a daily practice, for self care, when feeling anxious, overwhelmed or when having difficulties sleeping. Namaste

Chakra Balancing Meditation

Check out this balancing, cleansing, and grounding chakra meditation.  Use it to ground, release, soothe or to get clarity.  This is great for sleep, self care, anxiety and sadness. Our chakras are key energy wheels or points throughout the body.  We have 7 main chakras that run along the length of the spine, from the […]

Box Breathing

This breathing technique, known as the Box Breath due to the symmetry established in the inhale-hold-exhale-hold (like a box), can be helpful for brining peace and calm to the mind, body, and soul.  The symmetry of the breath can help to establish harmony and regulate the nervous system.  Though I have recorded this to the […]