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Every single therapist will work with grief in their clinical practice. Why? Because grief is something that everyone experiences in their lives. If you’re an EMDR therapist, you may not be aware that EMDR can help support your clients through their grief process. Whether that’s working with complicated grief, trauma related to loss, or overwhelming loss, EMDR has been shown to help people heal and move on. Learn more with EMDR for Grief an Loss.

Are you looking for a to the point course on EMDR & recent events? Well, this is your course! We have consolidated the most important and up to date techniques for working with early interventions into one 6 hour webinar! Learn EMDR interventions to apply amongst the 8 phases of EMDR when responding to recent traumatic events in our EMDR for Recent Events and Early Interventions training.



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complex trauma bundle-training one

EMDR for Grief and Loss


Course Details

Live: Jul 20th 9am-4pm Mtn
and on-demand after

This 6 hour advanced course will teach clinicians advanced skills for working with grief, loss, and mourning. This course will aid in building case conceptualization and providing aligned interventions to support clients heal. EMDR techniques and protocols for addressing complicated grief and mourning will also be reviewed. 

Join Dr. Crystal Wildes, PsyD, EMDR Consultant, and Rebecca Kase & CO faculty member, for this half day workshop. This course can be attended live or taken on-demand after the live event.

Learning objectives

  • List symptoms associated with grief, loss, and mourning as well as differences between these three presentations.
  • Describe cultural variances in grief and loss presentations, and the importance of cultural identity as it relates to case conceptualization.
  • Explain the usefulness of EMDR with grief and loss presentations, as well as contraindications.
  • Describe phases one and two of EMDR therapy with grief, loss and mourning.
  • Identify at least three potential areas for reprocessing with grief, loss and mourning presentations.
  • List 2 techniques to work with stuck processing of grief and loss targets.

About Your Trainer, Crystal Wildes

Crystal Wildes is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Colorado. Crystal is an EMDR approved consultant, EMDR basic training facilitator, and has been practicing EMDR since 2012. Crystal has over fifteen years of experience working, training, and providing supervision/consultation in a variety of settings.. She has worked with individuals and families of all ages. It has been in her work with those funded by the Crime Victim Compensation Board that Crystal began to focus on the role of grief, loss, and mourning. She subsequently dove into the literature and research as it relates to EMDR Therapy. Crystal prides herself in being authentic and genuine in her training and is excited to share with you how to use EMDR when working with grief, loss, and mourning.

complex trauma bundle-training TWO

EMDR Recent Events and Early Interventions


Course Details

available on-demand

This EMDR-based on-demand course reviews key techniques for applying EMDR therapy to recent traumatic events. Participants will develop a framework for case conceptualization to determine client readiness for EMDR interventions. We will review common presentations following a recent traumatic event and how to determine client readiness for EMDR interventions. We will review five resourcing techniques for stabilization following a recent traumatic event.

Trainees will learn EMD and EMDr, as these techniques are commonly applied interventions with recent events presentations. 

Learning objectives

  • Explain at least two ways Ego State Therapy can support EMDR Therapy.
  • Explain the difference between Emotional Parts (EP) & Apparently Normal Parts (ANP) 
  • Apply knowledge of parts and ego states to case conceptualization.
  • Name at least 3 common symptoms of dissociation.
  • Identify three approaches to assess for dissociation.
  • Describe at least three ways to apply Ego State Therapy to Phase 2 Preparation.
  • Explain the key steps of Fraser’s Dissociative Table Technique.
  • Describe at least two ego state interweaves.

About Your Trainer, Rebecca Kase

Kase & CO Founder Rebecca Kase is recognized as one of the foremost EMDR trainers in the U.S. An LCSW, professional EMDR consultant and trainer, and a registered yoga teacher, Rebecca has been practicing in the field of trauma counseling since 2006. She’s an expert in working with complex trauma and dissociation and has practiced in both nonprofit and private settings. In her own therapy practice, Rebecca incorporates yoga therapy, ego states, somatic approaches, Polyvagal Theory and EMDR into her work with clients, which includes veterans and adults with Complex PTSD. Rebecca is known as a skillful, clear and enthusiastic teacher. She’ll keep you engaged and make you giggle, even in an online trauma training course!

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ACE Approved Provider

Kase & CO, #1869, is approved as an ACE provider to offer social work continuing education by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) Approved Continuing Education (ACE) program. Regulatory boards are the final authority on courses accepted for continuing education credit. ACE provider approval period: 1/16/2024 – 1/16/2025. Social workers completing this course bundle receive 12 total credits clinical continuing education credits.

NBCC Approved Provider

Kase & CO has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 7033. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Kase & CO is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.

EMDRIA Approved Provider

Kase & CO is an EMDRIA Approved Training Provider. Kase & CO courses are individually approved. CE Certificate will contain course approval number.

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