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EMDR Mastery Workshop

If you're an EMDR therapist who feels stuck in the reprocessing work, or you're searching for techniques and strategies to successfully reprocess targets, then this workshop is for you! Join EMDR Trainer Rebecca Kase for a 4-hour advanced course that will review a variety of clinical themes and issues that can impact the successful resolution of an EMDR target.

You'll learn how to use advanced techniques and methods for resolving targets and working with complexity, so that you can start seeing the EMDR outcomes you've been hoping for. This webinar is available live or on demand, so register today!

Note, this course was previously offered under the title "Strategies for Reprocessing".

Get unstuck today!

What this course covers

This course focuses on intervention within phases 3-6 of the EMDR Protocol. Participants will review important components of case conceptualization as related to stuck points, as well as specific interventions to use to help facilitate successful reprocessing. We will cover topics such as: fidelity to the protocol, case conceptualization as related to stuck points, attunement skills and their importance within EMDR Therapy, feeder memories, blocking beliefs, and interweaves.  We will also review contraindications for EMDR reprocessing. We will also review the concept of Constricted Processing, and the techniques of EMDR & EMDr, as well as strategies for Fractionation of a Target. 

Learning objectives for this course include:

  • Appraise the importance of therapeutic presence and attunement as they relate to clinical outcomes, and name at least 3 ways to attune in EMDR reprocessing phases. 
  • Analyze stuck points as related to treatment progression, and investigate at least 4 potential reasons a target may be blocked from fully reprocessing.
  • Evaluate treatment planning techniques to work with complex targets, and apply advanced techniques for successful treatment outcomes. 
  • Examine fidelity of the EMDR protocol, and its treatment implications as well as contraindications.
  • Apply interweaves skillfully in clinical sessions of EMDR reprocessing.

Continuing Education:

  • This course offers 4 Advanced CEs for the live or on-demand training
  • Participants who attend the course live will also receive a copy of the recorded session.


To register for this course you must have completed Part 1 and Part 2 of EMDR Basic Training.

Continuing Education:

This course is available for live or on demand viewing.
4 CEs are available for live or on-demand attendance.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations requested more than 48 hours prior to the live training are eligible for a refund, minus a $20 admin fee. Cancellation requests are to be submitted via email to
Refunds are not available for cancellations requested after video is available on-demand.


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